When in decoration, LED light is an indispensable part if want good effect. LED Lighting is related to the taste of the whole decoration. Lighting is the soul of home decoration. So the LED lighting is very important to every piece of furniture and every detail. Next, let’s focus on the strip lights.

LED linear light

Strip light: also call as linear light, rigid strip light, LED bar light, aluminum slot light, etc.
First, let’s look at the classification of strip light:

 1)Shelving light:

LED glass clip strip, handle free shelving light, 18mm shelving, 25mm shelving and irregular shelving light, and so on. It is widely used in   closet, cupboard, wine cabinet, display cabinet and other cabinets, with simple installation.

LED shelving lighting

shelving light

Common colors of shelving light: Aluminum natural color, iron gray, black

LED shelving lighting

Directly clip in 18mm shelving

double side emitting shelving lightsglass clip lightglass clip light

Easy installation: directly clip in 8mm glass

hand free shelving lightdouble side emmiting shelving light

 2)Embedded linear light with T-shaped edge:

different models with different width, and can choose appropriate width of the LED strip according to the actual situation. This style is   widely used in all kinds of cabinet lighting, decoration lighting of top surface of wall, tooling lighting and home decoration.

recessed linear light

Slotted installation
It ca be installed on the top, side, etc…

recessed linear light recessed oblique lighting

Recessed oblique lighting
Surface color: black, silvery, golden

recessed linear light recessed linear lighting recessed linear lighting in cabinet light

 3)Surface mounted and embedded linear light:

Select the appropriate model according to the actual situation. Widely used in all kinds of cabinet lighting, decoration lighting of top surface of wall, tooling lighting and home decoration.

Surface mounted and embedded linear lightSurface mounted linear light

Multiple installation methods
meet the needs of different scenarios

different installation method
surfaced mounted linear lightingSurface mounted and embedded linear light

  4)Oblique light, stair light, under cabinet light:

Choose different type of LED linear lighting for different scenes to enrich the sense of space.

corner light

LED corner light

It is suitable for the corner of cabinet and wall without slotting, convenient for installation, practical and beautiful.

LED corner light
shelving oblique lighting

shelving oblique lighting

Hidden light design

shelving oblique lighting

It is suitable for the edge sealing or inner edge of 18mm shelving, to make the light in the cabinet be soft and not dazzling.

oblique lighting

oblique lighting

It is suitable for cabinet corner, cabinet bottom, wall corner, stair, ceiling corner, decoration hook edge, etc., without slotting, simple installation and widely application.

stair lighting

Please contact us for more models. The length of all the models linear lighting can be precisely customized, and can connect different type of external sensors, such as motion sensor, touch dimmer sensor, door trigger sensor and hand shaking sensor. And the color temperature can choose 3000K warm light, 4000K neutral light, 6000K cool white light, also can make other colors, such as red, pink, blue, green, ice blue, purple, and so on…

Suggestion: in order to unify the design, please select the same color temperature for the same space or group of cabinets and no more than two models. Except for special circumstances, please select according to the actual situation.