Traditional main lamp lighting is usually around the style of fancy lamp to create a space atmosphere, the design style is more difficult to break through. For the concept of no main lamp, most people understand it literally, and think that it is a way to create a light environment in which the main lamp (such as chandelier, ceiling lamp, etc.) is not used, and the whole indoor space relies on auxiliary light sources (embedded spotlight, track lamp, soft light belt, etc.) for lighting.

lighting design without main lamp

In fact, apart from its literal meaning, the lighting design without main lamp has two other meanings:

1) There are LED ceiling lightingor pendant lamp, but they are only used for decoration, and do not install light source, but also rely on auxiliary light source to achievelighting function. It is commonly used in high space duplex or flat floor hall, staircase, meeting hall, etc。

2)There is a main lamp and a light source, which can be turned on, but the brightness is too low to support the lighting of the whole space. It can create the indoor space light environment together with the auxiliary light source. Common in the ambient lighting for space.

All of the above can be called no main lamp lighting design, which must be created by the main lighting and auxiliary lighting together to create a light environment. With or without the main lamp, the lighting application is not important. It is not appropriate to define non main lamp simply by the presence or absence of main light. Non main lamp lighting is a new and professional lighting expression derived from indoor point-line-surface lighting system in the LED lighting era.

ambient Light

We know from the nature of light that the elements of lighting design are not on the light of our buildings, and there is no difference in their functional LED lights. Its elements are in the color of furniture, decorative elements, and mainly reflected in the more representative decorative lighting, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps and so on.

The use of artificial lighting in human society has been changing with the development of artificial light source technology. From the development of lighting industry, it is difficult to be popular in the traditional lighting era. The reason lies in the light source technology. The characteristics of traditional light sources such as halogen lamps and gas discharge lamps have determined that it is difficult to have integrated lighting appliances with small size, high luminous efficiency, long life span,reliable and safety.

The concept of non main lamp lighting has been more and more accepted, because the public’s demand for the quality of the light environment is constantly improving, and the demand for the refined function of lighting is increasing, and the pursuit of a better space light environment with a sense of comfort and experience. Small size, high luminous efficiency, long life span, intelligent controllable, safe and reliable LED light source technology has determined its unique design features: LED lighting era, unlimited possible light design.

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No main lamp application is a concept extension of indoor point-line-surface lighting system in space lighting application. As the decorative material of space, we can create the ideal light environment of any space through “point” – key lighting, “line” – basic lighting, “facade” – atmosphere lighting, and based on rich light color control and light and shadow shaping of art.

  • Characteristics of the lighting without main lamp

The advantage of no main lamp lighting is that it can throw away the complicated ceiling, and the space without stylized decorative light may make the whole space appear clean and tidy.

No main lamp lighting pays attention to the quality of space light environment, which is to build the comfort of space by emphasizing the sense of hierarchy, art and quality of light.

The light environment design without main lamp can be applied in different functional lighting zones. The interaction between light and space can make people have unlimited reverie. The collision between light and space brings warm feelings to people. No main lamp lighting can realize the state of “seeing light but not seeing lamp”. The light of professional functional lighting lamps will be more uniform, and there is no dead angle in lighting.


From the trend of development, no main lamp lighting design will be more and more in line with the aesthetic needs of modern people. In fact, whether with the main lamp lighting or without the main lamp lighting is used, it is only a kind of lighting method. The ultimate goal is to create a healthy and comfortable space light environment.

  1. In short, no main lamp lighting is to remove the traditional main lamp, give up the conventional decorative chandelier, stylized ceiling lamp, choose functional lighting and be luminousby hidden lightsource and other ways to create lighting environment, create different light and shadow effects, and then achieve the effect of “seeing the light but not seeing the lamp”. Not only the light is soft and hierarchical, but also the light is freely emitted in all parts of the space. With strong living atmosphere and city sense, it can be said that it is a relatively advanced aesthetic and practical lighting design.
  2.  Indoor point-line lighting system is used for without main lamp lighting . The lamps used are usually embedded spotlight, LED track light, LED lentu (LED flexible strip), surface mounted LED downlight, lifting LED spotlight, wall mounted spotlight, led wall light, etc., or with some simple and fashionable decorative lamps to achieve the creation of light environment.
  3.  No main lighting can be combined with basic functional lighting and local key lighting. When choosing the angle, the most important principle is to avoid direct illumination. For example, the traditional lighting, lying on the bed, the LED-Valaistus is on the top of bed, the light directly shines on the eyes, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling. You can choose the LED lights with large angle, or choose the light beam angle between 8 degrees and 60 degrees for free combination, so as to avoid glare and improve the comfort of the light environment.
LED Lente

Many people’s living room is often only equipped with a ceiling lamp, chandelier as the basic lighting, hope to use the least lamps, the cheapest way to achieve the brightness required by life to walk, watch TV, etc.

The method of only installing the main lamp is efficient and cheap, but its disadvantages are obvious. It will not only appear the space is very insipid, does not have any affective tone and the atmosphere, but also will affect people’s mood in the space. Therefore, lighting without main lamp is gradually favored by the public and becomes the mainstream

  • No main lamp layout in living room

LED lentu

Generally, 2-3pcs LED linear spotlights are enough for the background wall of sofa.

LED lentem

At the same time, linear spotlight can be used in sofa, bedside, desk, dressing table and other places where soft lighting is needed. In the case of full suspended ceiling in the whole living room, two spotlights with a distance of 10-40cm can be arranged side by side in the tea table area.

LED ribad

  • Dining room layout without main lights

The dining room lighting is mainly aimed at the dining table and around the table. The dining table area is the only area which recommended to install main light in the design of without main lamp lighting. It is generally recommended to buy a chandelier with a certain shading angle or can focus light. Considering that the dining table with chandelier to improve the appearance of dining room, it will look much better when the light source hits the food. The height of the chandelier is about 65cm away from the table. If the table height is not determined, the height of the chandelier can be 130-160cm. Considering the appetite, it is better to choose a warmer light. When the light of 2700k-3000k shines on the food, appetite will come up. When eat in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, the mood will be much better. The wall beside the dining table, the door between the dining room and the kitchen, and the passageway between the dining room and the balcony are generally arranged equally with 2-3 lamps. For the passageway between the dining room and the living room, generally arrange the LED lights in the corridor.

Paindlikud LED ribad

  • No main light layout in bedroom


It is suggested that the upper part of the pillow should not be decorated directly or buy Decorative chandeliers, wall lamps or desk lamps, or use LED linear lights as the sofa background wall. Generally, two lamps are enough. The interval between two lamps for 1.8m bed is about 1.4m. Refer to sofa background wall for details.

——Bedroom background wall

The background wall of bedroom can refer to the golden ratio design method of TV background wall, or just simply average 3 -4pcs spotlights.


2 ~ 3 spotlights can be arranged in front of the wardrobe, and the interior of the wardrobe can decide whether to put the LED trake or not.

LED trake

——Bay window

The bay window is usually made of curtain box. If the bay window has a suspended ceiling, the LED light is arranged on the bay window.

The first one is to arrange two spotlights at a distance of about 60cm between the center of the bay window.

The second one is to arrange a spotlight at about 30cm away from both ends of the bay window.

——Center of  bedroom

For the bedroom which the width is over 4 m, can choose 10-40cm away from the end of the bed in the center of the bedroom, similar to the tea table area in dining room, two spotlights with a distance of 10-40cm are arranged side by side.

LED borðar
LED ræmur