Project Description

  • 2835 TOP SMD LED as lighting resources
  • Various colors are available
  • Standard CRI/Ra≥80 and provide CRI/Ra>90/95 optional
  • 8mm width double PCB
  • Wide beam angle, 120 degree
  • Can be cut every 6 LEDs (62.5mm) along the cut-mark
  • 24V dc low voltage input, the use of safe and reliable
  • IP Grade: IP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
  • 3M self-adhesive tape on the back
  • 5 meters/reel
  • 2468 20AWG lead wire, small attenuation
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Available accessories: LED power supply, LED controller, aluminum profile, connector
  • Welcome ODM & OEM

Dimensional Drawing(Unit:mm)

Electrical & Optical data

Attribute name Value Attribute name  Value
Dimensions  5000*8*1.2 mm  Voltage  24V dc
Unit length  62.5mm/6LEDs  Current  0.625 A/m
Power  15 W/m  Humidity  40-70%RH
Max.luminous flux  1500 lm/m  Working Temperature  -20-45℃
LED quantity  96LEDs/m  Warranty  3 years

Model Information

Model No. Light Color Typ.Color Temp. Luminous Flux
ZNL-FS2835UW96-24VN-15W White 6500K  1500 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UWN96-24VN-15W Neutral White 4000K  1450 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UWW96-24VN-15W Warm White 3000K  1400 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UWY96-24VN-15W Warm White 2000-2200K/2300-2500K/2700-2900K  1350 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UR96-24VN-15W Red 620-630nm  450 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UG96-24VN-15W Green 515-525nm  1125 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UB96-24VN-15W Blue 460-475nm  270 lm/m
ZNL-FS2835UY96-24VN-15W Yellow 585-595nm  450 lm/m

Are you interested in our 24V 8mm width 96LEDs/meter 2835 LED SMD Flex Stripes?

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